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Melanie Pinola is a writer and editor specializing in technology, personal finance, and lifestyle topics.

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10 Big-Rig Laptops for Serious Gamers

Not everyone wants a sleek, svelte laptop--some of us want power. Here are some options.


18 Cool and Creative Laptop Mods

Whether your taste runs to Soviet propaganda, Hello Kitty, scary skulls, camouflage, or another unusual theme, there's a laptop mod for you.


48 NASA Laptops Stolen in Two Years: A Case for Better Encryption Practices

It's not only businesses that need to worry about laptop security....

Acer touchpad3 5181591 article

Acer's Aspire Ethos Laptops Feature Detachable Touchpads

The touchpads double as media remotes so you can control your laptop from afar, and the laptops include HD displays, Blu-ray writers, 5.1 channel surround sound, and backlit keyboards....

Acer 5241890 article

Acer Says It Will Continue Making Netbooks

The netbook market may be dwindling, but it's not dead yet....

Microsoft surfac 100004288 gallery article

Ballmer quotes Microsoft Surface pricing: $300 to $800

Microsoft's top dog alludes to grossly broad price range, and the mythical $199 isn't included....

1password nsa article

Can the NSA force password management app developers (e.g., LastPass) to give up your data?

With all the PRISM and, now, decryption controversy, it's not paranoia to wonder this...

Dell xps 15z 5174329 article

Dell Teases MacBook Air Rival with Facebook Video

Dell's XPS 15z ultra-thin laptop has a 15.6-inch screen and sports a slim and streamlined design....


Facebook Scams Popping Up that Exploit Norway Tragedy

So-called "clickjacking" scams add fake posts on users' news feeds, encouraging them to click on infected links with the lure of hot news items and disaster footage....


Five Good Laptop Bargains to Consider

Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo all have good bargains right now on laptops equipped with older CPUs. But should you wait for laptops powered by new Ivy Bridge chips to hit the shelves? We break it down.

Identity theft hacker 100026919 gallery article

How to check for hackers

Microsoft offers a quick way to check for possible intrusions to your accounts with its services....

Office logo 100057126 large article

How to stretch Microsoft's Office 2013 free trial offer

This trick extends Microsoft's free 30-day trial period for Office 2013 up to five more times....

Intel ivy bridge 6322949 article

Intel Ivy Bridge Chips Launching Early April 2012

A new report says we'll see Intel's Ivy Bridge generation of processors in April....


Intel: Ultrabooks Offer More Choice, Better Value Than MacBook Air ...

In an interview with PCWorld, Intel officials call Ultrabooks more useful for real work than iPads, and a better value than laptops such as the MacBook Air. Plus, they reveal what's ahead for...