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Melanie Pinola is a writer and editor specializing in technology, personal finance, and lifestyle topics.

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A Cautionary Tale for College Students: The Five Dumbest Money ...

When you're just starting out managing your own finances, little things like paying your own bills, going to the bank, and even grocery shopping "like an adult" can feel empowering.


A Non-Designer's Guide to Creating Awesome Diagrams for Slides

By following just a few simple rules, anyone can create diagrams and illustrate information more clearly in slide presentations. Enrique Garcia Cota shared some essential guidelines for things...


Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do (and Everyone Should ...

Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone were to physically attack you? It's a question most of us don't want to consider, but violence is, unfortunately, a fact of life.

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Cover a Wall with a Giant Whiteboard for Under $15

Whiteboards or dry erase boards are awesome planning tools and creativity boosters, especially when they practically cover a whole wall. Instead of spending $300 for a giant whiteboard or messing with inconsistent paint, here's the easiest and cheapest solution....

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Double Your Investments, Guaranteed: Why You Shouldn't Pass Up Employer Matching

If someone were to say to you they'd match—dollar for dollar, no strings attached—every dollar you put into your savings account (effectively doubling your money for free), you'd jump at the chance, wouldn't you? Yet nearly 40% of us aren't using our employer 401(k) matching benefits. Let's talk about that...


Drinking Lots of Coffee Linked to Reduced Risk of Certain Cancers

Here's some good news for coffee-loving men and women: recent studies link heavy coffee drinking to lower risk of fatal prostate cancer, as well as a certain aggressive type of breast cancer....


Drink This, Not That: Find the Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Beverages

On the path to intoxication, no one wants to get fat. The Get Drunk Not Fat website shows you which alcoholic beverages to consume if you want to, well, get drunk not fat. Everclear, a pure...


Eat Like a Foodie at Home, Without Breaking Your Budget

Just because you enjoy great food doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money dining out or buying upscale foods for delicious meals at home. With the advice of some noted chefs and food writers, you can elevate the level of your home-cooked meals even while working with a tight grocery budget,...


Eat Yogurt, Not Potatoes If You Want to Lose or Maintain Weight

Harvard researchers have identified the five foods that make you gain weight and five that help you lose weight. If you like yogurt, the study has good news for you;


Five Best Daily Deals Sites

Daily deals sites offer some amazing, "ending soon" discounts on choice items and experiences. Here's a look at the five most popular daily deals sites.


Five Best Rewards Credit Cards

The right rewards credit card offers great perks and bonuses for spending the money you were already going to spend anyway. Here's a look at five of the best rewards cards out there. Photo...

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Fix Your Computer Hunch and Other Posture Problems in 30 Seconds

This one exercise can greatly improve your mobility and flexibility--and cure the many ills that come from sitting hunched in front of a screen all day. It takes just 30 seconds and you don't need any equipment....


Four Low-Risk Ways to Generate Passive Income and Make Your ...

There are several relatively simple ways to generate more wealth that don't involve shady "get rich quick" schemes or heavy upfront investments. Here are some tips and resources for building...

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Get a College-Level Computer Science Education with These Free Courses

We're lucky to have access to so many excellent free online courses for just about anything you want to study, including computer science. Here's a curriculum list that strings various free computing courses into the equivalent of a college bachelor's degree....


Get Mail Merge in Gmail with This Google Docs Template

Want to send a bunch of emails personalized to each recipient? Sending mass emails is easy using Microsoft Word's mail merge, less so with Gmail. This Google Docs template, however, brings...