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Melanie Pinola is a writer and editor specializing in technology, personal finance, and lifestyle topics.

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Amazon free android apps article

Amazon is giving away $100 worth of Android apps for free

Some really great deals here for Android users...

Bing desktop 0 article

Beautify your desktop with Bing homepage backgrounds

Find the perfect desktop wallpapers in this fitler-able gallery...

Open uri20140118 17620 175ud5w article

Can the NSA force password management app developers (e.g., LastPass) to give up your data?

With all the PRISM and, now, decryption controversy, it's not paranoia to wonder this...

Venn google doodle 0 article

Celebrating Venn diagrams: A few funny and geeky diagrams

Google's doodle of the day is very entertaining. Here are a few more if you just can't get enough...

Open uri20140118 17620 c2esb0 article

How to fix Windows 8.1's mouse lag in video games

The fixes are simple, though YMMV...

Usb shortcut article

How to quickly go to your USB drive with a keyboard shortcut

Don't waste time navigating to your often-used USB drive. Set up your own keyboard shortcut...

Reset the net article

It's time to Reset the Net

This campaign urges everyone to take one step towards a more secure, private internet...

Made with code article

Made with Code: Encouraging and inspiring our daughters to code

This Google-backed initiative hopes to turn more girls into coders...

Open uri20140118 17620 76xcdz article

Make a Wi-Fi heatmap to find your network's dead zones and hot spots

A nifty tool for figuring out where to put your wireless access points or improve your signal coverage...

Scratch jr article

ScratchJr teaches kids as young as 5 to code

It's never too soon (or late) to learn to code...

Ted talks spreadhseets article

Skim over 1700 TED talks with this spreadsheet

More than 400 hours' worth of inspiring videos listed in one spreadsheet...

Playthislogo article

Smartphones and Laptops: New Ways to Pair Them

Soon, your mobile devices will work in harmony. Here's a look at the burgeoning simpatico relationship between smartphones and laptops....

Internet speeds article

The best (and worst) states for internet speed

We all want fast internet. Where you live makes quite a difference....

Dancing groot gifyoutube article

The easiest way to create a GIF from a YouTube video

Turn any YouTube video into an animated GIF by adding "gif" to the URL...

States tech jobs 1 article

The fastest growing states for tech jobs

Smaller citiies are becoming unexpected tech hubs...